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The Nintendo Switch price drops in Spain four years after its launch and a month after the Switch (OLED) arrives

Since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has never dropped in price. Nintendo’s portable console has been on the market for a good handful of years now and it has always cost 329.99 euros. There have been occasional sales on occasion, but the official price has always been the same. Up to now.

And it is that next month the new Nintendo Switch (OLED) will hit stores, the new version that, as its name suggests, mounts a somewhat larger OLED screen. One would expect that, being a more expensive console than the original, the price of the standard Switch would remain at 319 euros, but no. In a somewhat surprising move coming from Nintendo, the company has lowered it to 299.99 euros.

A symbolic, but curious discount

The new price of the Nintendo Switch is 299.99 euros, which is 30 euros less than the launch price. It is not much, of course, but it is curious coming from the company it comes from. Why? Let’s remember the words of Saturo Iwata about lowering the price of consoles:

“It is my personal opinion, but when the price of the model drops after a certain time, the manufacturers are telling consumers that it is better to wait, and I have always thought that is a mistake.”

The Nintendo Switch has sold extremely well. In fact, has exceeded joint sales of Nintendo 64 and GameCube. It has also surpassed the NES and the Game Boy Advance, although it falls far short of the Wii, the Nintendo DS and the original Game Boy. Its sales rhythm is still good and it could be argued that, from a financial point of view, it does not make sense to lower its price.

In any case, the discount it does make sense if we think about Nintendo’s gaming strategy. Although the launch of the Switch (OLED) was a disappointment for all those who expected more power and resolution, we know that Nintendo has never wanted to enter the console war and that its first-party games work.

Lowering the Switch a bit, 30 euros in this case, could help to leave this model as the most affordable option (with permission from the Switch Lite) to play on laptop and desktop and the Switch (OLED) as the most “premium” and complete option. Both, yes, with the same graphic power.

Via | Eurogamer

Nintendo Switch - Standard Console, Neon Blue / Neon Red (2019 Model)

Nintendo Switch – Standard Console, Neon Blue / Neon Red (2019 Model)