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The Nintendo Switch finally allows you to connect Bluetooth sound devices, although there are some limitations

Nintendo continues with surprises for the Switch. If a few days ago they announced a price drop in Spain, now they incorporate a novelty that will be very well received by all users: from now on we can connect Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch.

With this novelty we can finally say goodbye to cables and have a more wireless experience. The update is version 13.0.0 and is now available for download.

What can we connect with the new Bluetooth audio support

If we wanted to connect a Bluetooth headset to the Switch we had to use adapters. Now it will no longer be necessary. Once updated, from the ‘Audio over Bluetooth’ option We can pair headphones in an equivalent way to how it is done on the mobile. We will simply search for nearby devices as is done when searching for a WiFi network.

In total, Nintendo will allow you to connect up to 10 different sound Bluetooth devices, but there are a number of limitations. The first one is that the support is output and not input, so we will not be able to connect microphones. A pity for karaoke games and other titles that could take advantage of the mics. Neither will it therefore serve to speak hands-free.

Another restriction is that if we connect a Bluetooth headset we can only use up to two wireless controllers. We will also not be able to use this Bluetooth audio to use local communication.

Latency may not be the most suitable And so Nintendo warns, but without a doubt it is an addition that many Switch players will appreciate.