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The nine styling rules every stylish lady should know, says elegancecoach

A great outfit can make you feel great – but it’s not easy for everyone to put together a stylish and flattering look.

Even with the constant stream of trends and popular must-haves that bombard us—and that celebrities and influencers seem to work together effortlessly—the reality of being well-dressed can feel a lot more complex.

As such, elegance coach Anna Bey, who runs School of Affluence online and divides her time between London and Geneva, has a new . shared YouTube clip revealing the nine style rules “every stylish lady should know” to not look “tacky.”

They include only wearing neutral underwear, avoiding clashing colors and always accentuating your waistline.

Elegance coach Anna Bey (pictured), who runs the online School of Affluence and splits her time between London and Geneva, has shared a new YouTube clip revealing the nine style rules “every stylish lady should know” to avoid falling into one. look ‘sticky’, including making sure your underwear doesn’t show through your clothes

Always wear nude and seamless underwear when wearing light colored clothes

Anna said, ‘I want you to stop wearing white underwear or contrasting colorful underwear if you wear light colored clothes, because hello, we can see them.

The same goes for wearing structured underwear such as lace bras under delicate or sheer fabrics, as the texture will show under such fabrics.

‘Underwear should not be visible. This is a rule every elegant woman should follow, because as soon as underwear becomes visible, the elegance immediately disappears.’

Watch out for loose threads

“I want you to turn yourself into Inspector Gadget when you scan your clothes,” Anna said. “Ladies, you really should check all your garments for loose threads that could ruin your elegant look.

And often when you buy clothes, especially at fast fashion stores where the quality of the finish isn’t always good, you have to pay close attention to those threads, even really, when you go to high quality clothes stores, because it happens quite often. much everywhere.

“So make becoming an inspector gadget part of your new fashion routine now.”

Stick with lipstick that matches your skin’s undertone

Anna explained how to find out what your skin’s undertones are: ‘Just take your wrist off. Look at the veins inside and see what color they are. Do they look more blue or green?

“If your veins appear bluer, you’re getting a cool undertone. If you see more green than a warm tone, but you see both green and blue, then you have a neutral undertone.

“So ladies, once you know your undertones, you should always wear your lipstick in those undertones. If you are hot, make sure your lipstick has a warm undertone.

“If you’re cool, your lipstick should have cool undertones, and the lucky ladies with neutral undertones can actually wear both.”

Look at yourself in the mirror from every angle before you leave your house

“I’m talking about your clothes, your hair, your make-up, because you don’t know what you look like from the side or behind,” said the elegance coach.

“There may be something in there that you don’t see, like let’s say how strange a piece of clothing looks or sits from the side or maybe your foundation that you didn’t really blend well, or maybe you have something about your hair that’s back there.” that you don’t notice.

“So this is very important and that’s why you should invest in multiple mirrors and always check before you go out.”

Always coordinate the colors of your outfit

“Styling rule number six is ​​to always coordinate the colors in the patterned clothes you wear,” said the elegance coach (pictured)

“Styling rule number six is ​​to always coordinate the colors in the patterned clothes you wear,” said the elegance coach.

“I know a lot of ladies find it very difficult to wear patterns because you might be worried about how to really style the rest of the outfit without ending up looking a bit like a clown.

And the key to looking elegant when wearing those patterns is to always wear colors of the pattern in the rest of your outfit.

‘So you don’t want to mix and match and wear all kinds of other colors that are not in the pattern. It’s about making sure the rest of the outfit is the same colors as the exact pattern.

‘That’s how it looks really coordinated. It unifies the whole look and you can really go wild. If you have a pattern, say with three different colors, you can wear all three colors throughout your look without it looking weird.

Add a pop of color to keep it from looking too plain

“I like simple and classic outfits, where being plain sometimes brings out the elegance in the look,” Anna admitted (pictured). “However, we all have those days when we look at the outfit in front of us and we just feel like something is missing”

“I like simple and classic outfits, where being plain sometimes brings out the elegance in the look,” Anna admitted. “But we all have those days when we look at the outfit in front of us and we feel like something is missing.

“And sometimes the trick is to just add a little accessories or a pop of color.

“So let’s say you’re wearing a plain white dress. If you wear a matching white bag, it will look very simple and boring. Let’s say you add a little red bag or a blue bag, you suddenly make the outfit a bit more exciting and it looks more interesting.’

And always show off your waistline!

“Ladies, stop hiding your waist with oversized clothes and chunky sweaters or whatever. Because you know what’s happening? You’re going to look bigger, bulkier, and heavier than you really are,’ Anna said.

“But when you accentuate your natural silhouette, whether that’s with a belt or with specific garments that have a little bit of waist built in, you’ll look slimmer, more feminine, and, of course, more elegant as a result.”

Never wear worn out shoes or bags

“We want to look elegant, we want to look expensive, so for us it’s a huge no-no to wear worn-out shoes and bags because it instantly degrades an entire look,” the elegance coach insisted.

‘With bags you have to pay attention to certain things. First of all, if the bag looks very tired and worn. Now it is normal for the edges to wear a little. That’s fine.

‘But if those brands really become big, then you really have to pay attention. The same goes for ladies if you have those threads I just mentioned, from the stitching of the bag or let’s say you have some visible marks.

“Now when it comes to women’s shoes, we have to remember that there are no obvious color markings or lines on the shoes and also that your heel and soles are intact. Nothing can look worn out.’

Shop for your current size only

Anna said, ‘Shop for your current size. Not for a size smaller that you think you will ever have because this is such a common mistake so many women make.

“I really think it’s so important to buy for the size you’re currently in, because the fit of the garment is essential.

And what happens when you wear a piece of clothing that’s just a little too small for you. You’re actually going to look bigger, your garment has to be the right fit for your body, otherwise ladies, all these styling tips I’m giving you are really just pointless.’