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The new night mode of the Xbox is so nocturnal that it turns off even the light of the home button of the controller and the console

If details count, the latest Xbox software update is truly spectacular. There are several areas for improvement, but it is especially striking the new night mode that allows even to make the start button of the controller no longer light up. A brilliant idea, if you will allow us the ironic oxymoron.

In addition to that night mode there is also another interesting and highly demanded feature: the arrival of the Dashboard in 4K resolution for Xbox Series X users, who will thus be able to enjoy the navigation interface for the contents and options of the console in that resolution on 4K televisions.

A night mode that is even in command

Xbox users know very well that when they play with the lights off or even when they use the console to watch movies and series, the light on the Xbox button on the controller can be annoying.


Precisely that is what is avoided with one of the parameters of this new night mode, which also allows setting other preferences such as darkening the screen to which we have the console and also darken the brightness of the Xbox’s own power button, which can also be too bright a distraction.


It is also possible to create a calendar that will automate the change from dark mode to light mode, or make use of the option that activate that change at dawn or dusk.

xbox 4k
xbox 4k

For those who own an Xbox Series X, the update features another striking improvement: Dashboard has been upscaled from 1080p to 4K, which allows users to enjoy a much more defined interface when navigating the menus, contents and options of their console.

The last of the improvements affects the quick settings, which now come to the Xbox Guide and thanks to that enable and disable accessibility features without leaving the game or application that we are using at all times.

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