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The new Google Pixel 6 can work with Apple MagSafe chargers: this case makes it happen

Apple revived its MagSafe brand with the iPhone 12 to launch a wireless charging system and a range of accessories that magnetically clip onto the back of the phone. It is the implementation “à la Cupertino” of the Qi charge with which you can have your exclusive accessories … although perhaps they are not so much.

Moment, a manufacturer of mobile cases, has recently launched their cases for the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. And although they have not said anything about it on their website, those cases work perfectly with Apple MagSafe chargers and accessories.

This is demonstrated by David Imel, Marques Brownlee’s partner, in the tweet that you can see above. Not only can we use Apple’s MagSafe charger, but we can also attach accessories such as the leather wallet in which to store cards. And if, charging works smoothly.

Moment mention a feature on these cases called ‘M-Force’, which may well be what allows this unofficial compatibility with MagSafe. Some even mention accessories like these magnetic Mophie rings, which allow you to use the MagSafe product ecosystem with any other phone.

We do not know if Apple will receive these types of movements well, but these at least show that MagSafe does not hide too many secrets (it would be necessary to see the power of the load that these cases achieve). The ‘M-Force’ function is also mentioned in Moment cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21, so it seems that this can be extended to other smartphones beyond Google’s.