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The mystery of the “light PS5” revealed: the heatsink is smaller, and some believe that it is also less efficient

The PS5 has lost weight. We told it a few weeks ago, when the first models of those “light PS5” made their appearance with only one clear difference: they weighed 300 grams less, but no one knew why.

Now the first units have begun to reach some analysts, and the first analyzes of their interior have revealed the mystery of that weight loss. The PS5 heatsink is now smaller, and there are those who say that this causes an average increase of 5 ° C during its operation.

Smaller, but also more efficient?

Youtuber Austin Evans published his analysis of both models: he got a model of that lightweight PS5 that for now is only on sale in Japan and Australia and opened both consoles to compare component to component what were the differences.

Almost immediately he noticed how the new heatsink is smaller, and as seen in the image, it takes up less space and has a slightly different design. The fan has also undergone small changes, but it is that heatsink that is clearly responsible for the thinning.

In that analysis Evans explained how in his preliminary tests when testing the game ‘Astro’s Playroom’ on both consoles an average increase of 5 ° C was detected depending on the thermal chamber used compared to the original PS5, but at Ars Technica they believe that this temperature analysis is not particularly exhaustive and a more in-depth study will be necessary to draw clearer conclusions.

May sony has developed this version to reduce costs —They have already managed not to lose money on every PS5 they sell— but it’s hard to believe they weren’t very careful when it came to redesigning something as crucial as the heatsink. It will therefore be interesting to monitor these models to see if they actually end up posing problems for users.

Via | Ars Technica