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The Movistar + premieres in October 2021: all the new series and films

The creators of ‘BrainDead’ and ‘The Good Fight’ shot a zombie epidemic in full confinement, but it is not the only tasty content from Movistar this month: from video game adaptations to documentaries about major (possible) publishing scams with the Holocaust as a backdrop. This is the highlight for the month of October on Movistar +.

Premiere series

The Bite

Robert y Michelle King, experts in using fantasy satire to bill some of the best products from recent fantasy televisionAs the sensational ‘Braindead’ demonstrated, they shot this zombie comedy while in lockdown. Audra McDonald and Taylor Schilling are two neighbors who contemplate how the virus turns into an infection that raises the dead and they have to fight the plague without leaving home.

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Monster Hunter

Against all odds (well, not against everything, because Paul WS Anderson is, quite clearly, one of us), ‘Monster Hunter turned out well’. Not too game-like, but fine: replace the original scrumptious environment with a mere desert and a native, with the story of a group of soldiers who are transported to a strange world and are annihilated with the exception of their captain (Mila Jovovich). A local warrior (Tony Jaa), first enemy, will help you defeat the fierce indigenous creatures. Great monsters and narrative and visual conciseness for a movie to enjoy in crazy vervain mode.

Premiere October 22

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'Monster Hunter': a new download of unprejudiced fun with the Paul WS Anderson-Milla Jovovich team stamp

Documentaries and premiere events

Misha and the wolves. The great lie’

A documentary that try to discover what is true in one of the most emotional blockbusters generated by the Nazi Holocaust– A girl escaped from the Germans and survived in a forest raised by wolves. And then he wrote a book. Experts in wolves, historians and genealogists join forces, together with the adult Misha herself, to discern if it was all an invention or really happened

Premiere October 27

All October documentaries

  • ‘Oasis: Supersonic’ (1/10)
  • ’20 steps from fame’ (3/10)
  • ‘Tina’ (7/10)
  • ‘The footprints of El Bulli’ (7/10)
  • ‘Animals with cameras’ S2 (12/10)
  • ‘Jodie Foster., Hollywood in the blood’ (10/14)
  • ‘Take That in concert’ (10/15)
  • ‘Janis’ (17/10)
  • ‘Martin Luther King and the FBI’ (10/21)
  • ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ (24/10)
  • ‘Misha and the wolves. The big lie ‘(10/27)
  • ‘Spice Girls: The Price of Success’ (10/28)