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The Miami Marlins home opener is delayed after 14 players and coaches test positive for the corona virus

The Miami Marlins’ home opener against Baltimore on Monday night has been delayed because the Marlins face a coronavirus outbreak that stranded them in Philadelphia.

On Monday morning, 14 players and coaches on the Marlins tested positive for COVID-19.

Pitcher Jose Urena was scratched from his scheduled start in Sunday-game and catcher Jorge Alfaro went on the injured list on Friday. No reasons were given for the moves, but manager Don Mattingly said those who tested positive would be quarantined in Philadelphia.

Several specialists in the field of infectious diseases have called this a “Clear breakout”, according to The Athletic.

The Athletic reports that Major League Baseball never considered postponing games over the weekend, even after several members of the Marlins tested positive for the corona virus

The Philadelphia Phillies, the team that just played three days against the Marlins, are scheduled to start a series of four games against the New York Yankees on Monday-evening. The games are scheduled in Philadelphia, using the same clubhouse and facilities the Marlins players used over the weekend.

The Marlins’ unsettled health once again cast doubt on MLB’s ability to end the season during a pandemic. At Cincinnati, Red’s second baseman Mike Moustakas and midfielder Nick Senzel felt sick on Sunday, a day after a teammate was injured for testing positive for COVID-19.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.