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The longest undersea power (non-data) cable in the world is now underway: it connects Norway with the United Kingdom and measures 724 km

Submarine cables do not live on data alone. In fact, a very long submarine cable that connects the United Kingdom with Norway through the North Sea is already in operation, but not to carry data, but energy.

The cable is actually two, and will enable 1,400 MW to be supplied to the United Kingdom thanks to hydroelectric power generated in Norway. That energy is capable of powering 1.4 million British homes.

Objective, not to depend on fossil fuels

The cables start from the most important hydroelectric station in Norway, located in Kvilldal. High-voltage cables run through valleys, across mountains, and eventually plunge into the sea to reach the UK after traveling a total of 724 km across the North Sea.


The construction project for this cable has taken six years and the investment has been 1,630 million euros. Thanks to this initiative, the United Kingdom advances in its objective of reducing its carbon emissions: it is estimated that they will reduce by 23 million tons from now to 2030 by reducing the need to use fossil fuels.

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It is certainly not the first cable of its kind to be “plugged in” to the UK: the islands have been connected for a long time. with power plants in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and there is yet another cable coming to Denmark.

For those responsible for the project, this will allow “90% of the energy that reaches the United Kingdom to be from renewable sources in 2030, which will make us much less dependent on gas markets“.

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