The latest: India adds nearly 15,000 cases as more states become concerned

The latest: India adds nearly 15,000 cases as more states become concerned

India has added nearly 15,000 new infections to its coronavirus caseload as some of the states less affected by the initial increase in the virus are considering new blockages to make the numbers stronger.

The Indian Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that the national number had reached 440,215 cases, including 14,011 deaths. The state of Delhi, which includes the capital of New Delhi, has reported 62,655 cases, with the number of new infections spreading rapidly in recent weeks as the nationwide lockdown eased.

States that are far from the capital, including Assam in the northeast, which initially reported some cases, have plans to re-establish strict closings in certain districts.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government lifted months of restrictions on movement and industrial and commercial activities to reboot India’s ailing economy, which has cut millions of jobs.

But Sonia Gandhi, president of the main opposition party to Congress, has asked the government to extend a three-month free food distribution program for the poorest of India, which is set to expire soon to address a “hunger crisis.”



– Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health experts will testify at the American home on Tuesday at a fraught time for the country’s pandemic response.

– Schools considering how and when to re-open are overwhelmed by the cost of protecting students and staff from the virus.

– One of the most prestigious universities in the Arab world has endured civil war, kidnapping and economic crises in its 154-year history. The American University of Beirut is now simultaneously facing a triple threat of a pandemic, a recession and the collapse of the Lebanese currency.

– China’s decision to ban imports from a single Tyson Foods poultry factory with infected workers has raised concerns about the implications for the US meat industry as the action expands.

– People flock to the beaches of South Carolina, but the corona virus does not take a vacation. The new infection rate in South Carolina is the 4th highest per capita in the United States

Major League Baseball plans to unilaterally issue a 60-game schedule for the shortest season since 1878.


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SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea says it is testing 176 workers in the southern port of Busan following a coronavirus outbreak among crew members of a Russian freighter who has fallen ill 16.

Kwon Jun-wook, director of the National Institute of Health in South Korea, said on Tuesday that all 21 crew members were tested after the ship arrived at Gamcheon port in Busan on Sunday with frozen seafood.

He said the captain of the ship had not properly informed the port authorities that three of the crew had a high fever. Among the 176 people tested were cargo handlers, customs officers, repairmen and interpreters who made contact with the infected crew members. Port officials and workers agreed earlier on Tuesday to stop unloading cargo from the ship and another Russian ship in port.

South Korea reported 46 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, including 30 related to international arrivals. The country is struggling to counter a virus flare-up in the Seoul metropolitan area, where hundreds of infections have been linked to entertainment and leisure activities, church gatherings, and sales and warehouse jobs.


MELBOURNE, Australia – Coronavirus infections in the state of Victoria in Australia have led to the closure of new schools, and the state leader said there would be “significant community transfers” among the new cases.

The Melbourne suburbs where the schools are located have been identified as hotspots in recent weeks. The two primary schools are closed for thorough cleaning after students have tested positive.

The Australian state of Victoria has registered 17 new cases. State Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said there would be “significant community transfers” among them.

Andrews said one of the new cases came from a person in hotel quarantine, two from known outbreaks, three from routine tests, and 11 that were being investigated.

Last weekend, Andrews said large family gatherings had been the catalyst for the virus re-emerging in some areas after the rules for locking were relaxed.

“We have seen many families, large families, who have gathered in numbers above the rules,” he said. “I know and understand that all Victorians want this to be over, but we just can’t pretend the virus is gone.”

In the national capital of Canberra, Health Minister Greg Hunt says Australia’s borders will remain closed for “a very significant” time.

Hunt says coronavirus infection rates are accelerating around the world.

“For now we are an island sanctuary,” he told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio.

There are 102 deaths from COVID-19 in Australia and more than 7,400 people are infected.


BEIJING – China reported 22 new cases of coronavirus, including 13 in Beijing, a day after a city government spokesman said containment measures had delayed the momentum of a new outbreak in the capital that has infected more than 200 people.

Another nine cases were brought by Chinese travelers from outside the country, seven of whom boarded a flight from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia that arrived in the western city of Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province, according to a report from the provincial government.

China has reported 4,634 deaths from the virus among 83,418 cases since it was first discovered in the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year.

While the situation in Beijing is moving in the right direction, “the prevention situation remains serious and complex,” city spokesman Xu Hejian said at a news conference on Monday.

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