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The latest from Twitter is a feature that blocks trolls for you: this is how “safe mode” works

In its quest to make Twitter a healthier platform with fewer negative interactions, the company has announced a new feature called “Safe ModeIn short, it is a system that will temporarily and automatically block accounts that use “potentially harmful language, such as insults or hateful comments, or those that send repetitive and unwanted responses or mentions.”

At the moment, this feature will be available to a small group of users on iOS, Android and the web using the app in English. It is not known when it will be launched for all users, but from Twitter they claim that study system performance to improve and tune it before doing it.

Automatic account lock

How does “safe mode” work? As detailed from Twitter, when the user activates this function the system assesses the probability of a negative interaction by “considering both the content of the tweet and the relationship between the author of the tweet and the respondent.” Those accounts that the user follows or interacts with frequently will not be blocked.

When “safe mode” detects a potentially harmful profile will automatically lock it for seven days. That means that account will not be able to see our tweets, follow us or interact with us in any way. According to Twitter, the reason for launching this feature is to encourage people to have “healthy conversations.”


“Safe Mode” on Twitter.

However, as it is an automatic process the system may fail. Precisely for this reason the user will be able to see the autoblocks and undo them at any time. In the same way, you will be able to see the tweets marked by the “safe mode”, as well as the details of each blocked account.

As we indicated previously, the “safe mode” will be available first for a small group of users on iOS, Android and Twitter Web that have the account set up in English. In the absence of knowing when it will reach all users, if it does, we will have to see how it works and how accurate this “safe mode” is.

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