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The largest Ferris wheel in the world is a monstrosity 250 meters high with 48 huge cabins that will arrive in Dubai in October

Dubai is home to some of the most interesting megastructures. There we have the Dubai Creek Tower, a 1,300-meter skyscraper (taller than the Burj Khalifa, although its construction was temporarily halted in April 2020), and the Palms Islands, those huge artificial islands. Well, in case they were few, one more will arrive in October: Ain Dubai, the largest Ferris wheel in the world.

To give us an idea, what until now was the largest Ferris wheel in the world, the High Roller in Las Vegas, has a height of 167.6 meters. Ain Dubai is going to have a height of nothing more and nothing less than 250 meters. Its cabins, 48 ​​in total, also have a corresponding size: 30 square meters.

It takes 38 minutes to go around

Ain Dubai is on Bluewaters Island, near the coastal Jumeirah Beach Residences, which is lined with restaurants, shopping malls and other entertainment options. It will open its doors on October 21, 2021, in nothing, and will be open both day and night. At its base it will have a “huge LED screen” that will serve as an entertainment area.

The Ferris wheel, made of 11,200 tons of steel (33% more than the Eiffel Tower), it has 48 cabins of 30 square meters each. What’s more, the cabins are divided by experiences: observation, social and private. The observation rooms have capacity for up to 40 people, although now they operate with reduced capacity for obvious reasons.

Aindxb View 1
Aindxb View 1

In total, its capacity is up to 1,750 people. The complete lap is done in 38 minutes, although there are passes with two rounds, so the experience can really last up to 76 minutes. As a note, there are no bathrooms in the cabins (this is stated in the FAQs), so better go to the bathroom at the base before going up.

And yes, it is true that some people will climb just to take in the views of the Dubai coastline and the city’s attractions, but the Ferris wheel is more than just a Ferris wheel. In fact, has 19 customizable experiences, such as dinners at the top and celebration packages for companies, birthdays, weddings, etc. There are even premium and private cabins that offer “total exclusivity.”

Ain Dubai 099
Ain Dubai 099

The Ferris wheel, as we said, will be inaugurated in October of this year and tickets can be obtained from now on. The basic experience (one lap in a shared cabin) is 130 AED (about 30 euros to change). If we want a private booth for a party, the price starts from AED 4,700, which is about 1.091 euros.