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The James Webb Space Telescope will travel to space on December 18 (if nothing goes wrong again)

NASA has announced a new date for the launch of the mission that will finally put the James Webb Space Telescope into operation. After several delays, the space agency hopes that that launch occurs next December 18.

It remains to be seen if that date is finally confirmed, especially considering that this prodigious telescope was originally intended to be launched and started in 2007. The successor of the legendary Hubble is almost ready, and now we just have to wait until that date is fulfilled and the new space telescope amazes us with discoveries and shocking images.

In search of new exoplanets and answers to the origin of the universe

NASA’s new space observatory has been in development since the early 1990s, but its implementation has been long and expensive: more than 9.6 billion dollars have already been invested in a project that will take the witness of the mythical Hubble, and that goes much further in capacity and possibilities.

Unlike Hubble, located less than 600 km above sea level, the James Webb Space Telescope will remain in a stationary location in the Sun-Earth reference system. approximately 1.5 million kilometers from our planet.

With this new observatory it is hoped to know with much greater precision how was the origin of our universe, but it is also expected to serve, for example, to help find exoplanets. Let us hope that this is therefore the last delay for a launch and a project from which great things are expected.

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