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The iPhone 14 will have TouchID under the screen and will say goodbye to the notch (at least the Pro), according to Ming-Chi Kuo

This is the world of leaks. The newly introduced iPhone 13 has not yet reached the hands of users and we are already talking about the iPhone 14. And it is that Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the best-known leakers in the Apple world, has said in a series of notes seen by MacRumors that small big news are coming to next year’s models.

According to Kuo, the iPhone 14 (if they are called that and Apple does not change the nomenclature) will have TouchID under the screen, or what is the same, that the fingerprint sensor will return to the iPhone. On the other hand, it aspires that the Pro models they will finally say goodbye to the notch And, incidentally, they will have a higher resolution camera. Finally, the analyst affirms that there will be a folding, although it will not arrive until 2024.

What “comes” to the iPhone 14

We begin by talking about the controversial notch. Kuo has spoken on more than one occasion about this notch so typical of the iPhone and even anticipated that Apple would reduce its size in the iPhone 13. He was not wrong. The notch of the iPhone 13 is somewhat smaller than that of the iPhone 12 and, according to the leaker, for next year’s models it is expected to disappear in Pro models.

Kuo assures that next year’s Pro models (which would be the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max) will have a hole in the screen. This is something that we have seen in countless Android phones to date. This technology would make it possible to eliminate the notch, since the camera would be hidden in that small hole.

The question to ask is what will happen to FaceID. One of the reasons for the notch is house the sensors that give life to this facial recognition system, so eliminating it would mean looking for an alternative. One option could be to take them under the screen, but it remains to be seen.


Speaking of carrying things under the screen, Kuo assures that the 2023 models will have TouchID again, but under the screen. Everything is said, Kuo already said that the iPhone 13 would have this technology and finally it has not been like that. Now he hopes that the iPhone 14 will incorporate this technology. The reason why the iPhone 13 does not have it is a “slower progress of the account with the development”.

On the other hand, Kuo ensures that the iPhone 14 quadruple the resolution of the camera’s main sensor. So far, iPhones have mounted 12-megapixel sensors, but the leaker claims they’ll eventually make the jump to 48-megapixels. It only mentions the angular sensor, so we will have to wait to 1) see if it is fulfilled and 2) see if it also applies to the rest of the sensors.

Finally, Ming-Chi Kuo has lowered his expectations for the foldable iPhone. The TF International Securities analyst already dropped that in 2023 we would see Apple’s folding, but It now dates its launch in 2024. Again, the reason for this delay is slower than expected progress in its development.

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