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The iPhone 14 points to a total redesign: rumors paint it without notch, thicker and without protrusion in the cameras

The iPhone 13 have just arrived and there is still about a year for their successors to arrive, but the interest and expectation for the future iPhone 14 is already notable thanks to the arrival of more and more rumors about those future smartphones.

We already had data that pointed to an iPhone 14 that will say goodbye to the notch in favor of the hole in the screen, but also now analysts such as Gurman or Prosser they paint it as a kind of iPhone 4 adapted to the new times. Apple seems to want to hide the cameras so there is no protrusion and that will make the iPhone 14 thicker (and probably have more battery).

The iPhone 14 mini has it complicated

Mark Gurman stated this weekend that the iPhone 14 will be “a complete redesign” of this mobileWhile the iPhone 13 kept the fundamental lines of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 14 will apparently be very different from its predecessor.


Other analysts agree with this view: Ming-Chi Kuo has already indicated that Apple would completely get rid of the notch in 2022 and I would start betting on the hole in the screen – we’ll see what happens then with Face ID.

The cameras of the iPhone 13, mini, Pro and Pro Max, explained: its photographic hardware has improved, but it is the software that makes the difference

John Prosser also claimed to have seen photos of that future design and showed his own vision through renders a few days ago. In those images it was clear that iPhone 14 was like a rejuvenated iPhone 4: bigger, but with the same chassis with those very particular sides.

In addition, it is committed to another important element: iPhone 14 will “hide” the rear cameras and avoid the current protrusion. For this, the mobile will be thicker, something that will favor the integration of an even larger battery.

Other rumors point to a family that will change its members: iPhone 14 mini could disappear, and Apple would release four models: a base iPhone 14, an iPhone 14 Max, and two Pro models.

Via | 9to5Mac