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The iPhone 14 is supposedly leaked a year before its appearance: without notch and with titanium as the protagonist, according to Jon Prosser

We are less than a week away from the introduction of the iPhone 13, but Jon Prosser, an analyst known for his predictions – although he is not always correct – says that It is already clear how the design of the iPhone 14 will be.

This design stands out for the disappearance of the notch and for a construction in which titanium is the main material. Instead of the notch, Apple would adopt a front camera with a tiny hole in the screen.

Rumors are about design, not specs

The new model is thicker than the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 according to that data that Prosser has had access to, which admits that It only has information about the design of the iPhone 14, and not about its internals.


The colors are not final except in the case of gold, which seems to be one of Apple’s clear bets for that future model according to Prosser.

That greater thickness is one of the clear responsible for having hidden the rear cameras and also for have a battery that is expected to have a higher capacity than its predecessors. It is not known if that thickness will also allow access to a periscope-format lens for a more powerful zoom, something that has been rumored for a long time.

The back is made of a glass that makes the traditional Apple logo is under that glass. The volume buttons, by the way, are round, like on the old iPhone 4, and the chassis that surrounds the device is made of titanium.

Cameras Iphone14
Cameras Iphone14

According to Prosser’s data they point to another interesting piece of information: Apple will continue to use the Lightning port on that model instead of the rumored USB-C port.


In fact, Prosser claimed that I had checked that data not two, but three times, and of course it is a decision that collides again but that like the rest of the predictions of this analyst, we will see if they are finally confirmed.

The notch disappears from the front as we said, or at least it will on the iPhone 14 Pro. A similar rumor appeared a few weeks ago from the hand of Ming-Chi Kuo. Instead of that notch, a camera would appear in this variant that would use a small hole in the device.


That seems like will not affect Face ID technology, that according to Prosser will make use of sensors that will be placed under the screen. The rest of the “standard” models of the iPhone 14 would maintain the notch of the current iPhone.

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