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The iPhone 13 evolve in almost everything, but do not revolutionize almost anything (Podcast Clear the X # 154)

And Apple They have not wanted (or have not been able to) raise great revolutions with their new iPhone 13. So much so that for many the improvements introduced are not enough to call them that, and there are those who advocate considering them in reality as an iPhone 12s.

The truth is that the new Apple smartphones do introduce sensible changes inside and even outside, but none of them represent a particularly remarkable leap for mobiles that are somewhat more conservative than normal.

To talk about this new batch and its great differential characteristics we have today in ‘Despeja la X’ a Enrique Perez (@lyzanor), editor in Engadget, already a server, Javier Pastor (@javipas), also editor in this house. The production is as always in charge of Saints Araújo (@santiaraujo).

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Iterative improvements to gogó

There are four models of the iPhone 13 that have arrived, and curiously, Apple maintains its commitment to the smallest format, the iPhone 13 mini, which is practically identical to the iPhone 13 and has a fundamental advantage over its predecessor: a battery that lasts 1.5 hours more.

The design of the iPhone also benefits from a reduction in notch size. This could be the last time in fact that we see this element in Apple mobiles, because the rumors that have arrived in recent days suggest that the future iPhone 14 will have a hole in the screen for the webcam.

And as always, the photographic section is a fundamental pillar of this renewed Apple commitment. Here come improvements in the sensors, which capture more light, but curiously more than the capture of photos what gains integers is the video capture with the new Cinema mode.

Where there are doubts is in the performance of the new Apple A15 chips, which a priori seem to gain few integers compared to their predecessors. Yes we finally have screens with 120 Hz refresh rates in the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, good news that finally equates these models with many Android devices that offered that (and more) on many phones.

As we can see, few revolutions, although there is some other additional good news: we can finally say goodbye to the 32 GB capacity that the basic iPhone used, and that now it doubles to reach 64 GB.

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