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The IKEA and ASUS ROG gaming collection arrives in Spain: prices and availability of UPPSPELs and other products for gamers

If he gaming It is fashionable and many product manufacturers are getting involved, IKEA was not going to be left behind considering that for this activity or dedication it is very important to have a good chair or a desk ready for all devices. The company presented its collaboration with ASUS ROG and now it is confirmed the arrival of the collection in Spain gaming from IKEA, to Spain.

UPPSPEL is, specifically, the family that they have created together with ASUS, but in total there are ** up to six different families of products (LÅNESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UTESPELARE, HUVUDSPELARE together with UPPSPEL). The intention is, according to IKEA, “to democratize the gaming experience”, and for this they seek to offer affordable products that meet the needs of a player, as we have already seen, preserving the usual aesthetics in these products in some cases, although without neglecting the style Nordic minimalist.

They will arrive in less than two weeks

Ikea Gaming 02

The collection gaming IKEA covers more than 30 products, ranging from accessories to furniture. As we saw in its presentation at the beginning of the year (for China), there are chairs, tables, drawers, display cabinets and different supports for common products of players such as headphones or controllers. Several of these belong to the UPPSPEL family, such as adjustable desks or a CPU stand with wheels.

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Although black is predominant, some products are available in various colors including white. The other brand has several types of cushions, including a curious multifunction quilt.

Ikea Wall AccessoryIkea Wall Accessory
Ikea PadIkea Pad
Ikea SupportIkea Support

There are some details contemplating the cable channel, as we see in the UPPSPEL desk, which in addition to being adjustable in height, both sides can be used as a front using the V-cut to manage the cables. Products include even a thermos tumbler and light ring streamers that are becoming increasingly popular with streamers.

The collection gaming IKEA will arrive in Spain next October 1, being available in stores in that country and the rest of the markets where they operate. The prices depend on the product, seeing the following ranges:

  • Furniture (tables, gaming chairs, drawers, etc): from 49 to 499 euros.
    • Table PLAY: 49 euros.
    • Vitrina PLAY: 79 euros.
    • Silla gaming MATCH GAME: 149 euros.
  • Accessories (cup holder, mouse cable holder, pads, light ring, etc.): between 9 and 35 euros.
    • Accessory for perforable panel PLAY: 9 euros.
    • LÅNESPELARE mug with lid and straw: 10 euros.
    • LÅNESPELARE accessory holder: 25 euros.
    • LÅNESPELARE multifunction bedspread: 25 euros.
    • LÅNESPELARE luminous ring: 29 euros.