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The Hyperloop also has potential in the old continent: the European Commission invests 15 million euros in its development

It is not a multimillion dollar investment, but the 15 million euros that the European Commission has allocated to the project of the Dutch company Hardt Hyperloop is he first real support for this technology in the European Union.

These funds are part of the so-called European Green Deal, and will be a remarkable help to boost the development of hyperloop in Europe. The investment seems to recognize this means of transport as an alternative for the future, although it does: it will take time to see the practical application of the idea… if we see it.

Tubes at full speed in European version

Hyperloop technology has been generating high expectations for years. In Spain, the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies already raised a prototype in 2018, but the truth is that progress in its implementation is paradoxically very slow, when what this technology proposes is a super fast means of transport.

The support of the European Union it’s good (if shy) news for those trying to find real solutions based on Hyperloop technology. In addition to companies like Hardt, the agreement signed by the European Commission also included HyperloopTT, Nevomo, Swisspod Technologies, TransPod, Virgin Hyperloop – one of the most active in this field – and Zeleros.

The president of the European Rail Infrastructure Managers (EIM) stated that “hyperloop can play a fundamental role in the transition to sustainable, safe and heterogeneous transport in Europe“.

The European Hyperloop Center being created in Groningen (Holland) is expected to serve as a benchmark for the development of the technology. This center will theoretically have a demonstration prototype of the technology in 2023.

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