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The holy grail of robot vacuum cleaners: Dyson’s latest patents show they may be working on robots capable of climbing and cleaning stairs

In recent years, robot vacuum cleaners have been incorporating new technologies and we have even seen them in their version for cleaning windows, but there is still an unbreakable enemy for them: stairs. At least until ideas like the one Dyson has come up with take shape, because according to their recent patents they are thinking about a robot vacuum cleaner that goes up and down stairs.

It is not about the resource that that hero without a cape we talked about who turned his robot vacuum cleaner into a drone, but about robot designs that would not only be able to clean the stairs, but also to open cabinets. They are in patent status, but of course these are ideas that would be a revolution in this area if they end up working.

The hope to keep certain unruly corners clean

These are two patents registered in the United Kingdom in relation to a robot design that can walk and clean stairs and another design of robotic arms designed to open cabinets and grab objects such as cups simultaneously. In Bloomberg they echo them and comment that sources close to these projects assure that the manufacturer has been working on it.

Apparently, the manufacturer would have been working on the development of an autonomous cleaning robot capable of interacting with furniture and objects in the house (according to the internal source). As is always the case with patents, the fact of registering them does not imply that they will end up materializing in a consumer product and a Dyson spokesperson tells Bloomberg that although they register “many patents” but never talk about “technologies that they may launch or perhaps no “, but without a doubt they are ideas that would be very useful and that would be a striking incentive.

Dyson PatentDyson Patent

Left: Illustration of the layout for going up and down stairs, as well as cleaning them (image: IPO UK). Right: sketch of the robotic arm for gripping cups (image: IPO UK).

After all, we have been watching robots climb stairs and climb walls for years like nothing (or doing parkour, some more experimentally and others already working in environments where cleaning goes beyond removing lint, as in the case of A few months ago we also saw a proposal for an apple picker robot whose highlight was precisely the specialized robot arm, so that Dyson robots would have precedents that have proven to do these functions well.

It remains to be seen if the manufacturer’s proposal in its patents ends up being a reality like all these (and many other) precedents with autonomy and abilities that, as we usually look for in robots, may end up throwing us a cable and freeing us from some task. If it is something that appeases those deadly corners of the stairs, real cat hairball factories, it would be a real shut up and take my money for many of us.

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