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The Haliade-X wind turbine has once again pulverized the world production record: 14 MW and it is only a prototype

GE Renewable Energy revealed at the end of 2019 the achievements of Haliade-X. Its wind turbine, the largest in the world, was capable of generating 12 MW with the prototype provisionally installed in Rotterdam. Two years later, they have managed to pulverize that record reaching 14 MW.

The history of Haliade-X is certainly interesting. We were presented with this gigantic turbine in 2018 and after the record of 12 MW in 2019, this past 2020 a 13 MW model arrived. Now the company has achieved a prototype that goes up to 14 MW of production.

According to GE Renewable Energy, this new version of Haliade-X has 107 meters long and 260 meters high. Given its size and taking environmental conditions into account, they calculate that the turbine has the potential to produce up to 74 GWh of energy each year.

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In company metrics, they expect save around 52,000 tons of CO2 per year. This is equivalent to the emissions of 11,000 combustion vehicles in a year, as indicated. Why the effort to make turbines bigger and more powerful? It means having to install fewer turbines in each wind farm if each of them generates more energy. This is to some extent a saving in installation costs.

Thousands of wind turbines are nearing the end of their useful life, the big question is what we will do with their blades afterwards

The Future of Haliade-X 14

Currently having the record for the largest and most powerful wind turbine in the world, Haliade-X 14 is gearing up for its commercial debut. It will be installed in series at the Dogger Bank C offshore wind farm, some 130 km off the west coast of England. 87 turbines are expected to be installed by 2026 to become the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

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But Haliade-X 14 has his days on the throne numbered. While it is the largest and most powerful wind turbine right now, it points to lose this title next year. And it is that next year Vestas is expected to present its V236-15.0 MW turbine model with, effectively, 15 MW. Likewise, in China they are preparing a larger one that is expected to enter production in 2024. It is MingYang Smart Energy’s MySE 16.0-242, with a production of 16 MW.

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