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The government called for a “targeted” approach to travel quarantine regulations

The government has been urged to adopt a more “targeted” approach to quarantine regulations after leaving holidaymakers “shocked and confused” by the removal of Spain from the list of safe countries.

The change means that all travelers returning from the country, including the Spanish islands, will have to isolate themselves for two weeks.

Mother of two Liz Samandi, who is currently on vacation on the Spanish island of Mallorca, said the new rules had made her “angry.”

The 52-year-old entrepreneur from Market Harborough, Leicestershire, will be back from a family vacation on Thursday.

In a conversation with PA news agency, she said it was “frustrating” that people who were already abroad were “not given a choice” regarding the new rules.

“I’m also just a little bit angry because they did this and didn’t look at the people who are already there,” she added.

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Passengers on a flight from Madrid arrive at Heathrow Airport on Sunday (Andrew Matthews / PA)

Ms Samandi emphasized the lower number of Covid-19 cases in Mallorca compared to parts of mainland Spain and supported the use of regional travel corridors and testing arrivals at UK airports.

“It’s the general approach that I think is wrong, I think it should have been a more focused area,” she said.

She said that thinking about returning home had “caused a bit of stress,” adding, “I didn’t keep thinking about it and the whole idea of ​​getting away is to really relax.”

Ms Samandi said that “strict” precautions for the coronavirus in Spain made her hotel “more than safe”, including the supply of hand sanitizer, the use of plastic gloves at the buffet, the cleaning of sun loungers and social distance rules.

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Spanish holidaymakers will now have to isolate themselves for 14 days upon returning to the UK. (FATHER)

On arrival, her family also had to provide comprehensive personal information to support Spanish track and trace efforts.

Chloe Harris, 23, from Kent, who booked a last-minute trip to the Spanish island of Lanzarote and arrived on Saturday, said she was “gutted” to hear the news.

She told PA: “When I heard the news, I was quite shocked thinking they would have given us a warning. Even a warning that they would consider this. ‘

Speaking before the official announcement on Saturday, she added: “I would probably continue to work fine from home and from home in quarantine, although I wouldn’t have to go to the office anymore.

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Spain has reported more than 900 new daily infections in the past two days. (FATHER)

“But my girlfriend with whom I traveled will start a new job on August 3, so it will be difficult to explain to her employer.”

45-year-old Neil Hunter from Sittingbourne, Kent, had booked a 10-day break to Lanzarote and left on Tuesday. The trip had been booked since last December, but has now been questioned.

He told PA: “We went as a family, my wife Amanda and teenage daughter Bethany, but to be honest, since this announcement I am not sure what will happen if I work as a driver, and I don’t think my employer will accept that I have to isolate because I am going on vacation.

“I’m insured, but I’m not sure if they would accept that as a reason not to go, especially if Hays Travel doesn’t cancel for me. I can’t afford to give myself up. ‘

He said he understood why the decision was made, but it is “a lot of money and yet disappointing”.