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The future of Microsoft is one without passwords: You can now log in using only alternative methods

The passwordsAs cumbersome as they can be at times, they have been needed for the past few years. They are the essential method to protect access to an account or content. Nevertheless, Microsoft thinks it’s time to get rid of them, and set an example by allowing their users to abandon them in favor of other authentication methods.

Microsoft started to implement passwordless authentication on Microsoft accounts earlier this year, though only for some users. Now this is expanded to all users, who can already access the Microsoft account without entering a password if they configure it.

“Password removed: You have increased the security of your account”

The Microsoft idea behind this is that passwords are really neither that strong nor that comfortable like other methods. First of all we have to remember a unique password to avoid duplicates that are not secure. While it is true that we can use a password manager, they are still not as secure as other methods since they can be stolen by third parties or filtered.


Instead, Microsoft proposes to remove the password and use other methods such as the Microsoft Authenticator app on mobile, fingerprint, Windows Hello, physical keys or two-factor authentication. All these methods can be activated directly from the Microsoft account settings. As they explain, these methods are more complicated to “steal” and at the same time are more comfortable to use.

Right now the easiest way to do this in Microsoft account is downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile (available for both iOS and Android). Once downloaded, you have to log in with the Microsoft account and in the account settings panel from a browser confirm the new linked device. After this, it will give us the option to remove the password and once done each time we want to log in, we will only have to confirm the new device from the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Microsoft says that this functionality will be extended to all users of Microsoft accounts in the coming weeks. In other words, if you don’t see the option right away, it should appear shortly.

I've been using a password manager for years and now I can't live without it (literally)

It is undoubtedly an interesting bet on the part of Microsoft. Now it remains to be seen what other major platforms do, where passwords are still the rule for now, along with two-factor authentication. In an Internet full of passwords, the best thing we can do right now to protect our accounts is to use a password manager with different passwords for each account and configure two-factor authentication.

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