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The first film in space is already being shot: the Russian actress and director have arrived at the International Space Station

Russia has come forward again. In the race for the first movie in space, Russia has gotten ahead of Tom Cruise by placing his actress and director on the International Space Station. Now, over the next few days, they will shoot some of the scenes that will make up the first movie ever shot in space.

In the last hours Russian Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft docked with the International Space Station. Far from being one more mission of many that Russia has made to the station, it had as a crew the cosmonaut Anton Ahkaplerov, the actress Yulia Peresild and the director is Klim Shipenko. While for the cosmonaut it is his third trip to space, it is the first for the actress and the director.

Before we both go to space they had to train. To do this, they have traveled by plane to simulate zero gravity for a few seconds. They have also prepared in careful detail the requirements for recording in space taking into account the limitations of the International Space Station in terms of space, movement, lighting and other technical aspects. The training process has lasted a total of four months.

The actress and the director they will spend a total of 12 days on the ISS before returning to Earth. They will return with a different cosmonaut who is already on the International Space Station. During the 12-day period, their mission is to record a large part of the scenes that will make up a film under the name of ‘The Challenge’.

The first movie in space, more or less

The film will be a space drama in which a surgeon (actress Yulia Peresild) is sent to the International Space Station on an emergency mission to save the life of one of a cosmonaut (the director and this time actor Klim Shipenko). If the film is going to be good or not is something that we will not know until it is released, in any case what it will be is special: the first to be recorded in space.

This is the first movie in space with asterisks. And the fact is that scenes have already been recorded in space, for documentaries for example. There are also some virtual reality projects or a short film. Without going too far, Netflix recently shot scenes from SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission. This however is the first movie as such, anticipating the one that Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman want to shoot as well.

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