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The European Union prepares to indict Apple for its NFC technology: it must let others use it, according to Reuters

The European Commission has already formally accused Apple of anticompetitive practices with its App Store, but to this will soon be added another judicial process that affects the NFC technology used in Apple Pay, which the company also tightly controls.

This is stated by sources close to the matter in Reuters, where they indicate that this measure could entail a significant fine for Apple and, above all, the obligation to had to open that payment technology to other competitors.

Apple faces a fine that could be colossal

The investigation led by Margrethe Vestager has been underway since June last year, and while it was generally targeting her Apple Pay payment system, has ended up focusing on that NFC chip technology which can only be accessed by Apple Pay.

According to sources close to the process, the European Commission is preparing a statement of objections to be sent to Apple next year. These types of documents establish what practices are considered anti-competitive.

The theoretical fine for this type of violation of European Union competitiveness rules can be up to 10% of last year’s income. If we take the 2020 data, that would mean a hypothetical fine of $ 27.4 billion.

Via | Reuters