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The end of Houseparty: Epic Games will shut down video calling service in October, two years after buying it

Houseparty was a one hit wonder at the beginning of 2020 with the start of the pandemic and consequently the confinements. The service allows you to make video calls easily and at the same time interact with others, for example playing games. However, it does not seem to be enough to keep it in Epic’s interest to maintain the app. They have announced their end for next month.

In an official statement, the company has announced that will suspend Houseparty operations in October. They report that the team behind Houseparty is now working on “new ways to have meaningful and authentic social interactions on a meta-transversal scale across the Epic Games family.” Very much in line with the idea of ​​Epic Games to create a virtual parallel universe, something that they have already started with experiments in ‘Fortnite’ such as concerts with millions of people.

From today the Houseparty app will disappear from Google Play and App Store. Therefore, it will not be downloadable for new users on Android and iPhone respectively. Users who have it already installed will be able to continue using it for a few weeks until October. There is no specified day for the total closure of the app.

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Five (intense) years of life

Houseparty was born in 2016 and it was created by the same creators as Meerkat. Meerkat allowed videos to be broadcast live in a similar way to Periscope (another that died from the hands of Twitter). Houspearty immediately began to gain popularity for the ease of creating group video calls.

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In 2019 it was when the video game developer Epic Games decided to buy the service for a total of 35 million dollars. Since then it has integrated it into its ecosystem with different functions such as a “Fortnite mode”. The app had its peak popularity in early 2020 with the beginning of confinements at a global level.

This is Houseparty, the app for group video calls that COVID-19 has turned into the app of the moment

The lockdowns are coming to an end and other more versatile apps from big names like Google and Microsoft have conquered the video calling market. As such, Houseparty has been left in a redoubt for a very niche market, apparently an insignificant market to maintain the app.

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