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The DGT is in favor of implementing compulsory insurance for scooters in Spain, in the style of France

The regulations on electric scooters may change in the coming months. During a debate on Micromobility and Road Safety, Pere Navarro, General Director of Traffic explained that the DGT’s agenda is the implementation of the compulsory insurance for users of personal mobility vehicles (VMP).

“It seems logical and reasonable to me, it seems that now it’s time, it’s on the agenda,” Pere Navarro assured today. “The DGT is in favor of compulsory insurance for scooters,” he emphatically concluded. It is not the first time that the implementation of this measure has been rumored, but today’s statements are the definitive proof that soon we could see this measure officially.

A measure requested by multiple municipalities

Currently there is no national legislation on the obligation to have insurance for electric scooters. It does exist in cities such as Benidorm or Alicante, where the respective municipalities require the use of a helmet and civil liability insurance through municipal education. Other city councils have not yet spoken, but they would be in talks with the DGT to see if they will finally implement this measure.

“The City Councils and the Road Safety Prosecutor’s Office are asking us for it. This measure has just been adopted in France and we feel very comfortable with the French model, “Navarro assured.

At the moment, the only date that is set is the month of November where a “powerful” campaign will be carried out to remind people that it is forbidden to ride on the sidewalks with scooters. But this does not mean that this rule will be implemented during that month.

The final responsibility lies with the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, who must determine the obligation to take out insurance. For the moment insurance is available, but not required.

Despite not having a specific date, there is quite a consensus that there is currently a situation of legal uncertainty, since it is left to each municipality to regulate it in its own way. To date, only vehicles approved as mopeds with the capacity to go above 25 km / h required registration and compulsory insurance.

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By not having insurance, if a user with a scooter has an accident and runs over another person, this will have to face with his patrimony for the damages caused and compensation. Except for exceptions such as rental scooters that do have a minimum coverage, private scooters are not covered unless you invest in insurance.

According to figures from Línea Directa Aseguradora, organizer of the event, in the last three years more than 800,000 electric scooters have been sold throughout Spain and it is estimated that some 1,300 accidents have been recorded. While for the moment there are no official accident figures about.

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