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The closest Apple Car: it will be mass produced from 2024 with a battery of its own design and technology, according to CNBC

Apple’s car It is, without a doubt, the oldest and most current rumor in the Apple universe. Since 2014 it has been speculated that the brand is working on its own vehicle and After several tug of war, it seems that there is finally an arrival date: 2024. A new CNBC report claims that Apple is gearing up for mass production in three years. A vehicle that will bring Apple’s own technologies and distinctive from other manufacturers.

Known as Project Titan, Apple’s car has gone through different stages (according to rumors and reports, as it has never been discussed in public about it). At first it was thought to be an electric vehicle from Apple, then plans were reduced to a standalone software platform for other automakers and now again the idea of ​​a car of his own is raised. Along the way, more than 200 workers were laid off.

An interesting aspect about this vehicle is that it will probably be your own and personal. That is, more like a Tesla than a Waymo vehicle. Unlike what other tech manufacturers are doing, Apple cars are focused directly on the consumer and not as a taxi fleet To rent.

The Differential factor undoubtedly seems to be that it will be the battery that will include. Apple proposes a unique monocell design that saves space within the battery by eliminating individual modules. With this in principle they can reduce costs and above all increase the autonomy of the vehicle by storing more energy in the same volume. According to a CNBC source, it’s “next level, like the first time you saw an iPhone.”


A modified Lexus vehicle that Apple currently uses to test its autonomous vehicle technology.

If Apple’s plans hold up, the idea is that the vehicle start to be produced in large quantities in 2024. Due to the pandemic at most it could be delayed to 2025. However, it remains to be seen when Apple decides to present it. For such a large project it is most likely that we will see it public much earlier, since it would be practically impossible to avoid leaks of such a massive product. Ming-Chi Kuo also estimated 2025 as the probable date.

Who will make the Apple car?

Who will make the Apple car is the great doubt now. Apple has partners for the manufacture and assembly of its products, such as TSMC, Foxconn or Samsung. For something as huge as a vehicle, you are going to need the help of a manufacturer with experience in the automotive industry. And it is that as much as Apple has cash to spend and capabilities as it is the largest company in the world, making a vehicle is still not like making a phone.

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During these years different potential partners have appeared on the radar through rumors and leaks. One of the most notorious is Hyundai through its subsidiary Kia Motors, in which Apple has reportedly invested billions recently. On the other hand, western manufacturers such as BMW, Magna or Renault have also sounded

Via | CNBC