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The brutal ‘the Boys’ will have a spin-off: Amazon announces a new series set in a superhero university

Although it does not yet have a definitive title, Amazon Studios has made it official that it has commissioned a new spin-off of the series based on the comic by Garth Ennis. Like its predecessor, it will air exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, and its setting will distance itself from the original: we will go to an exclusive university for superheroes funded by the official villains of the franchise, the almighty Vought International.

The production, according to Amazon, will be “between a university series and The Hunger Games, but with all the heart, the satire and the morbid The Boys”. That is we can foresee something closer to ‘Porky’s’ than to ‘Twilight’ … although with superpowers involved. In any case, a more than juicy dish for fans of the series.

Young and super powerful

The series will star Jaz Sinclair, Lizze Broadway and Shane Paul McGhie, and with it Amazon intends to prolong the brutal satire that is giving so much success with the main series of the franchise. With a third season pending release, ‘The Boys’ has become one of the channel’s flagship series, which proposes a much sharper and more aggressive view of superhero icons than those offered by Disney + and HBO with their respective Marvel and DC franchises.

Amazon Prime Video has become a bit of an alternative to the decaffeinated world of Marvel superheroes and the reverse for DC bad guys: ‘The Boys’ and the excellent ‘Invincible’ present a satirical alternative that highlights the weaknesses of the superhero narrative … while still being excellent superhero series. We will see how a new series responds to this scenario, or if the situation is swelling more than sustainable.