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The Brazilian fighter himself had almost quit before he stressed the fight to become the new 155-pound world champion on Saturday night.

Charles Oliveira vowed to kill Michael Chandler at Saturday’s UFC 262.

It was equally unpredictable for Oliveria, but he came back from his near-stop on the first round and fired Chandler at 0:19 of the second round to capture the vacant lightweight championship.

“I deserve it, and I wanted to show that I am the best in this category,” Oliveira said to Joe Rogan through an interpreter. “I prove to everyone that I am the lion of lions.”

Chandler started out as a man on a mission, grabbed Oliveira’s head and locked him in a guillotine choke. Oliveira slipped out and was able to take the advantage while looking for submission.

Chandler straightened up and went to work. A right hand sent Oliveira back into the cage, and Chandler struck off with a barrage of punches and elbows to leave Oliveira bloody and bruised as he walked back to his corner to end the opening round. It seemed to be Chandler’s fight and it was only a matter of time before he left the 155lb champion.

But the one minute between rounds is all Oliveira needed to rally herself and plan a punctuating comeback.

When round two started, Chandler immediately landed a shot, and Oliveira responded with a blistering left hook to hurt Chandler. Oliveira felt the opportunity was there for the taking and made contact with a perfect right hand and then another right hand. Chandler tried to create space, but Oliveira didn’t give him anything like that. Another left hook sent Chandler to the mat one last time. A barrage of short left hands and referee Dan Miragliotta immediately jumped in and stopped the fight.

Oliveira (31-8, one non-match) jumped the Octagon to the commentary team and hugged UFC President Dana White.

“At Shoot Box, Macaco Gold Team, we have a saying, ‘It may rain stones, but the stones will come back,'” Oliveira said of his comeback win.

The win is Oliveira’s 17th via stoppage, breaking the UFC record for the lightweight division. The championship win is Oliveira’s ninth consecutive win, with eight coming in in the distance.