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The best thing about the new IKEA wireless charger is that you can hide it under the table (if it is not very thick)

We have a new gadget from IKEA: it is the difficult to pronounce Sjömärke, a wireless charging pad that has a peculiarity: you do not have to place it on the table: you can use it even hiding it under her.

That is the main difference with other wireless chargers based on the Qi standard. While these should be in almost direct contact with the device you want to charge, this new IKEA charger can be placed under a wooden or plastic tabletop. up to 22.2mm thick and still wireless charging will work.

Tables that charge the mobile as if by magic

The Sjömärke measures 17.8 x 7.6 x 2.54 cm, and features a design that explicitly prepares it not for you to put it on the table, but to hide it under it. Your design indeed has double-sided tapes to “dock” under a tableAlthough you can also use screws to fix its position even more solidly.

This adapter is not particularly fast: provides 5W wireless charging, and it also has sensors that prevent it from overheating – something relevant to avoid problems with the surfaces to which we attach it – and a 1.8 m cable to connect it to the current.

According to IKEA the Sjömärke wireless charging surface (PDF manual) is capable of charging devices through boards between 8 and 22.2 mm thick, something that of course is striking and that can be interesting for many users.


How to know the point on the table where we should then place the mobile to charge it? Easy: as you can see in the video, IKEA provides a small X-shaped sticker that is semi-transparent and that makes it easy to locate the optimal place to place the smartphone.

Sjömärke is expected to be available in IKEA stores from next October. The price will be $ 39.99 in the United States, for example, although we still do not know its exact availability and price in Spain.

Via | Engadget