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The Best CBD Edibles – Gummies: Why they are so Good and Which to Buy!

In this post, I will explain why CBD edibles, in particular, gummies are so good and which brands are my favourite in the UK. 

So why are CBD edibles, like gummies such a great option: 

  1. Taste delicious: CBD products are derived from hemp in the UK. Hemp has a rather bitter and earthy taste that many people don’t like. CBD edibles perfectly mask this with the taste of the CBD edible gummies. For gummies, that usually means a sweet juicy fruit flavour.
  2. Slow release: CBD edibles are longer to take effect as they have to pass through your digestive system before the CBD is absorbed. This makes it a good supplement format where the effects don’t need to be felt in isolation or quickly
  3. Easy to dose: With CBD edibles like gummies, a serving is easy to administer in that a serving is an individual gummy, so it is easy to know that one gummy = x amount. This is a lot harder in other formats like vaping or a CBD tincture. 


The CBD edibles, especially gummies, selection in the UK is still pretty limited, but thankfully has improved over the last couple of years in terms of quality, taste and effect. Below are some of the brands I like for CBD gummies: 

  • Paso CBD gummies both vegan and non: by far my favourite,I am a huge fan of Paso’s CBD gummies along with actually all their CBD products. It’s nice to be able to go to one brand for all my CBD needs where each delivery format is equally high quality and extremely effective. Their CBD gummies in vegan are a lot more sweet than their non-vegan gummies which are more like a natural fruit snack. Each of their gummies are 20mg per gummy and so are perfect for a light microdose throughout the day. 


  • Pollen CBD gummies: Pollen’s vegan CBD gummies are lighter than Paso’s with each gummy being 10mg. They come in 9 different delicious flavours and, like Paso’s vegan gummies are geared to people with a sweet tooth with their sugar coating. Their CBD gummies come in very cool boxed packaging which is great for recycling 


  • Love Hemp CBD gummies: this is the lowest dose of the selection with each CBD gummy containing 5 mg of CBD. This is actually helpful as it’s easy to think you are eating actual gummy bears so you will definitely want to eat more than one at a time. Unlike the other two brands, their CBD gummies are using CBD isolate meaning it does not contain other minor cannabinoids which makes it less effective than the other’s that use broad spectrum CBD, but they are still rather tasty!