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The arrival of HBO Max in Spain is imminent: the platform lands in autumn 2021

It gets closer every time. The long-awaited arrival on our screens of HBO Max, the latest version of HBO, is just around the corner. Although there is no specific date, It has been confirmed that in autumn 2021 it will land both in Spain and in the Nordic countries. It will be followed by Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe.

This was announced in a talk at the Series Mania event by Priya Dogra, president of WarnerMedia Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia (except China) and Christina Sulebakk, CEO of HBO Max EMEA. They are the new territories to which the platform accesses after its landing in Latin America last June.

Three months later, in Europe

After its release in the United States on May 27, Warner announced that HBO Max would come to Europe progressively in the second half of the year, but without giving more details. The perspective was that perhaps for Spain the launch would be delayed until 2022, but in the end it has not been like that. At the moment there are no details about price, exact date or different versions of the platform available.

HBO Max is a version of the channel that conglomerates the entertainment channels of WarnerMedia. That is, in addition to what traditional HBO already had, there is content from Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, Adult Swim, The CW, DC Universe, film production companies such as New Line Cinema and, of course, Warner herself. Added to this are HBO Max’s own productions, which here are for the most part reaching conventional HBO.

Warner and HBO Max shake the box office: what the cinemas think of the simultaneous premiere and why it is a lunge to the traditional model

In the last year, HBO Max has also gained fame for Warner’s decision to simultaneously release its films in theaters and on the platform. It is a decision that has only been implemented in the United States and that it is doubtful that it will also happen in Europe, mainly because its effectiveness and profitability have been questioned after not very lucid box offices such as those of ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Reminiscence’

Source: Variety