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The Apple Car in the face of a fuzzy future: changes in leadership and focus make it impossible to see what Cupertino has in store for us

For many the rumored Apple Car it’s Apple’s next big disruption after the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. However, the famous Project Titan that is dedicated to that goal is going through difficult times.

It does especially for changes in leadership, but also due to the very strategy of a project that seemed to point to the development of software for autonomous cars and that according to the latest data will go further. Now rumors suggest that Apple will not partner with manufacturers to build that car: they will make them themselves.

Now the idea is to make cars like someone who makes iPhone

Hectic week for Project Titan: Dough Field, a former Tesla executive who had led this ambitious Apple initiative, left the company and signed for Ford. He was the second great manager to leave the project: before him Steve Zadesky, who had been an engineer at Ford, had done it.

In Cupertino they reacted quickly, and they did it with a change of focus: The two top managers of Project Titan had been executives of automobile companies, but now Apple has decided to bet on someone from the house to take the reins of this initiative.

Is about Kevin Lynch, a longtime Apple executive —Who was one of the legendary members of General Magic— who is in fact ultimately responsible for the development of the Apple Watch.

Now Lynch will also assume the leadership of Project Titan, something that a priori makes us wonder if he will be able to with everything and if this is nothing more than an interim position while Apple looks for a replacement who can dedicate full time to Apple Car.

The story does not end there: it was assumed that with Project Titan Apple was going to only take care of the software for those hypothetical autonomous cars, and that would ally itself with a manufacturer There was talk of various options, for example Volkswagen, Kia, and also a consortium with LG and Magna, but the latest data point to a total change in strategy.

In fact, according to the latest data, it will be Apple that develops that car from start to finish. Here the system will be analogous to the iPhone: suppliers of components for that car will be sought, and from there the entire production and development cycle will be assembled, encompassing both the “hardware” (the car itself) and the software that will theoretically turn it into an autonomous vehicle.

That is certainly a challenge for a project that could take a long time to deliver visible results. There are those who talk that the Apple Car could appear between 2024 and 2027, but the truth is that it seems impossible to foresee what will happen to a project that is certainly titanic.

Vía | Bloomberg