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The “anti-Google” law is approved in South Korea: the first country to try to reduce the commissions of the application stores by means of legislation

The locally known as “anti-Google” law has been approved in South Korea, with 180 votes in favor of 188, according to Reuters. The Telecommunications Business Act is the first major law enacted to end a practice that big tech companies like Google and Apple have been doing for years: force to use your payment system in your app store and charge commissions of up to 30%.

The South Korean Parliament has approved the bill that will prohibit companies like Google and Apple from forcing developers to use their payment platform for in-app purchases. A practice that in countries like the United States has led Apple to face Epic Games in court.

South Korea overtakes Europe and the US against the dominance of Apple and Google in their payment systems

South Korea thus becomes the first major country to force Apple and Google to allow multiple payment methods. Legislation that will force technology giants to change their method of working and that could be replicated in the United States and Europe if the judges’ decision is in line with that adopted by South Korea.

As described by Reuters, Korean Parliament records indicate that the amendment prohibits mainstream store operators from imposing payment systems on content providers and “inappropriately delaying” review or removal of mobile content.


In mid-August, three Republican and Democratic senators put forward a similar proposal in the United States Senate to allow different payment methods, following European Commission investigations, Spotify’s allegations, and Epic Games’ own lawsuits.

Apple, Fortnite and lentils: how the App Store and the obsession with control have led us to this situation

From Google they explain to Engadget that “Google Play provides much more than payment processing, and our service fee helps keep Android free, giving developers the tools and global platform to access billions of consumers throughout the world. world “, stating that” just as it costs developers money to create an application, It costs us money to create and maintain an operating system and an application store. We are going to reflect on how to comply with this law while maintaining a model that supports a high-quality operating system and app store. ”

A first position that leaves the door open to many positions and where they explain that during the next few weeks they will release more information. At the moment, the actions of Google and Apple in the previous months have been to reduce the percentage of commissions to 15% for small developers.

Image | Obi Onyeador