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The age of technology, in a graph: seven of the eight most valuable companies in the world are technology

In 2005, the best mobile on the market was perhaps the Nokia N70. The American version of ‘The Office’ had just been released, and the Airbus A380 completed its first flight becoming the jewel of European aviation. More than three decades later, the world has changed. Nokia is little more than a nostalgic memory, The Office It is a cult series that ended eight years ago and the A380 has already been retired.

The world economy has also changed, with the 2008 crisis, the birth of Facebook, the arrival of Android and the iPhone, the pandemic … The result more than a decade later is that of the technological sweeping in the ranking of the most valuable companies in the world, leaving behind financial, distribution or oil companies, the queens of the past. And with increases in its market value much higher than the increase in the economy during this time.

Silicon Valley followed by China

Technological Era 001

Among the ten most valuable companies in the world by market capitalization in this same first week of September, but of 2005, there were only two technology companies: Microsoft and Vodafone, accepting the latter as technological in the same way that today we can accept Tesla, which does cars; or to Amazon, which is the largest trade in the world. The rest were distributed by various sectors with the oil companies as protagonists. Combined, they totaled just over $ 2.4 trillion, according to information from the newspaper library.

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In 2021, that same top 10 is made up of eight technology companies, only one oil company, and one financial company, Warren Buffet’s. The oil company, which unlike those in 2005, is neither European nor American, but Saudi. Of the technological ones, the most valuable is Apple, whose current price places it at more than 2.5 trillion dollars. Or in other words: only today’s Apple is already more valuable than the world’s ten most valuable companies in 2005, put together.

The rest is shared by the rest of the GAFAM (Google / Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft), the aforementioned Tesla, the puppeteer of the TSMC chips, and the Chinese Tencent. Immediately after, out of the top 10, appear Nvidia, VISA, Alibaba … In total, more than $ 14 trillion of market capitalization. Twelve times the GDP of Spain.

What if…?

Seeing these dizzying amounts, you may wonder what would have happened if a few years ago you had made a small investment in one of these companies in the current top 10, which except for Microsoft, were not even in the ranking. Well, we have calculated How much would you have today if you had invested 1,000 euros in each of these technologies on January 1, 2005.

  • TSMC: 8,680 euros (IPO on January 6, 2006)
  • Facebook: 9,858 euros (making the initial investment on May 18, 2012, when it went public)
  • Microsoft: 11.511 euros
  • Alphabet: 30.595 euros
  • Amazon: 88.705 euros
  • Apple: 133.243 euros
  • Tesla: 191,178 euros (IPO on July 2, 2010)
  • Tencent: 496.034 euros

It could be worse. You could have invested them in Canon.