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The advertising of the betting houses has it crude: tomorrow the Royal Decree that limits it notably comes into force

The advertising of betting houses was at ease on the internet, radio and television, but now a new Royal Decree that will come into force tomorrow, August 31, significantly stifle the spread of ads related to gambling and betting.

The new regulation is much more ambitious than the one proposed in November 2020, and restricts the appearance of advertising on sports kits. In addition, announcements can only be broadcast on radio and TV only at dawn, and Internet advertising will only be allowed with the consent of the recipient.

What measures does the new regulation introduce?

The call Royal Decree of Commercial Communications of Gambling Activities it is more ambitious than previous proposals in limiting the spread of advertising related to gambling and betting.

This was explained by the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, who in an appearance today explained how “as of tomorrow the Royal Decree that will severely restrict the advertising of gambling and betting in any advertising medium “.

The measures introduced in the royal decree are more restrictive than those that were tried to implant a few months ago, when an attempt was made to limit the scope of the bookmakers’ advertising. Those measures are as follows:

  1. Sports sponsorship: Bookmakers may not be displayed on the kits of sports teams, but they may not appear as part of the names of stadiums, teams or competitions.
  2. Broadcasting of advertising on radio and television: Advertisements related to this segment are prohibited on radio and TV outside the time slot from 1.00 to 5.00 in the morning.
  3. Minors: You will not be able to direct the advertising of “gambling operators” to minors, and there will also be parental controls on the internet to be able to block ads of this type.
  4. Internet publicity: Ads will only be allowed on websites, social networks, and email with the consent of the recipient.
  5. Deposit Bonuses: this type of voucher cannot be issued and bookmakers will not be able to direct offers to people with pathologies derived from gambling.
  6. No famous: these operators will also be prohibited from using the image of famous people, “real or fictitious”, for this type of advertising.

At that appearance, Grazón explained how to implement this Royal Decree “it has not been easy“, but also highlighted the problem that this type of advertising has posed for a long time:

“As of tomorrow we will be able to see, listen to any sports competition free from a permanent invasion of advertising that invites us to participate in an activity that carries a series of risks that are normally unknown by those who hear or see these types of advertisements. and that we know that they lead to certain pathologies that put people’s health, social relationships, family relationships at risk “.

The measures now in force had not been able to do so before because there were signed contracts with gaming operators.

The Football League, the Spanish Association of Digital Gaming and the Association of Information Media they already appealed to the decree which was launched in November 2020.

Several of the measures introduced in the Royal Decree had already been anticipated and in fact the teams they have been abandoning advertising related to betting houses in their kits this season. An example is Valencia, which was sponsored by one of these bookmakers and is now sponsored by a startup of fan tokens. This season it had already been made clear that such sponsorships were prohibited.

"We want to prohibit minors from consuming loot boxes", Alberto Garzón, Minister of Consumer Affairs of Spain

It remains to be seen the real scope and impact of these measures – no details are given about the implementation of the mechanism for “consent of the recipient” on the internet, for example – but it is certainly an ambitious plan that poses notable changes in that type of advertising.