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The 2022 Apple Watch 8 aims to have a blood pressure, blood glucose or body temperature sensor according to the WSJ

We do not even have before us the Apple Watch 7 and We are already talking about the Apple Watch 8. This future model of the Apple smart watch could be a milestone in Apple’s ambition to raise it as a key element to keep us informed of our state of health.

This is stated in The Wall Street Journal, where they reveal that the future Apple Watch 8 could have a blood pressure sensor, a blood glucose sensor —Very useful for diabetics— and also new functions for sleep monitoring or body temperature sensors.

Almost like wearing a doctor on your wrist

Apple’s smartwatch has long shown its ambition in the field of health, and was a pioneer for example in that ECG function that arrived in Spain in 2019 and that was especially useful for people with atrial fibrillation.

At Apple they are determined to continue offering more and more functions related to the field of health on their watches, and some of them have been talked about for a long time. The most relevant news, yes, will not reach the Apple Watch Series 7, which is about to be presented although it is rumored that it will arrive with a certain delay due to production problems.

Now in The Wall Street Journal they reveal that the future Apple Watch Series 8 (if it is called that) will arrive with relevant changes in its set of sensors. The options being considered are the following:

  1. Blood pressure sensor: without providing a reference measure of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, but still useful to keep our blood pressure levels monitored.
  2. Blood glucose sensor: It is one of the most desired and expected for its potential as an aid for diabetics, but according to the WSJ, Apple is not achieving the expected levels of quality and reliability and progress is still slow.
  3. Sleep tracking: Although that option already exists, the future model could detect sleep patterns and even apnea. The challenge here is to achieve that monitoring without the impact on the battery being high.
  4. Body temperature measurement: one of the scenarios in which this option would be used would be in fertility planning. This sensor would allow women to be informed, for example, of where they are in their ovulation cycle.

There is more than a year for that future model to be presented and those plans could change, but of course it seems clear that Apple is investing a lot of resources to manage to turn the Apple Watch into a very useful complement to monitor our health status.

Vía | The Wall Street Journal