Texas orders bars to shut down due to wave of confirmed virus cases

Texas orders bars to shut down due to wave of confirmed virus cases

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Republican Governor Greg Abbott once again closed bars in Texas on Friday and cut back on dining at the restaurant, the most dramatic reversals to date as confirmed cases of corona virus.

Abbott also said that rafting and tubing outfitters should close on popular Texas rivers and open-air meetings of 100 people or more should be approved by local governments.

“At this point, it’s clear that the increase in business is largely driven by certain types of activities, including Texans gathering in bars,” said Abbott. “The actions in this executive order are essential to our mission to quickly contain this virus and protect public health.”

He did not say when bars would reopen.

Texas has reported more than 17,000 confirmed new cases in the past three days with a record positive tests of 5,996 on Thursday. The daily count of 4,739 hospital admissions was also a record. The state’s rising infection rate reached nearly 12%, a level not seen since the state was in a broad lockdown in mid-April.

The number of infections is believed to be much higher because many people have not been tested and studies suggest that people can be infected with the COVID-19 virus without feeling sick.

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