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Tesla removes the Cybertruck configurations from its website and delays its production (again) to 2023

Bad signs for those who wanted to see the Tesla Cybertruck made a reality. In summer we saw how this pick-up it was delayed until next year, in September a production began “at the end” of that year, and a few days ago it was confirmed another delay to 2023.

And not only this: now from Electrek we see that the Cybertruck configuration options have disappeared from the web Tesla official. Now we can only pre-reserve it for one hundred dollars, and we can no longer choose any of its models.

Low specs and reserve without choosing options

The web specifications have also been simplified, showing less detail than before. It sounds like Tesla has wanted to make a gesture of prudence seeing that there are more obstacles than expected. From the source they believe that this may also suggest price changes, which until now ranged from $ 39,900 to $ 69,900. Less than $ 40,000 now seems like a very low price considering the increase in price of the other cars of the brand.

In fact, The basic version of the Cybertruck is not expected until well into 2023 or 2024, with which we will have to be patient. The Cybertruck got 200,000 reservations in three days, so we’ll see if those who are still waiting will have enough patience while other companies are gaining ground with their electric pick-ups.