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Teddi Mellencamp: my 5 month old daughter’s brain surgery was ‘successful’

Well done. Teddi Mellencamp thanked the doctors of her daughter Dove after the “successful” brain surgery of the little one.

“Many thanks to her wonderful surgeons Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Urata and all the loving nurses who will continue to help us take care of her as she recovers, “the Real Beverly Hills housewives star, 39, wrote on her July 30 Instagram Story. “We are eternally grateful.”

The reality star’s upload on social media came up four hours after she shared a photo of herself wearing a mask and detained her five-month-old in the hospital.

“Thank you to all the cranio moms who sent me your stories,” the accountability coach endorsed the black and white photo. “So much love for you. Reading your positive stories now helps more than I can tell you. ‘

Teddi Mellencamp and daughter Dove. Thanks to Teddi Mellencamp / Instagram

Last month, the Indiana native first diagnosed Dove’s lambdoid craniosynostosis and described the condition as “ a very rare type of non-syndromic craniosynostosis, [which] occurs when one of the lambdoid sutures on the back of the head fuses before birth. “

John MellencampThe daughter, who wanted to be ‘as transparent as possible’ with her followers, added: ‘Recovery is in the hospital for about a week and at home for a few weeks with a very high success rate. So although we are filled with nerves because neurosurgery sounds scary, we are confident that she is doing well. ‘

Her husband, Edwin Arroyave, called the “difficult” news a “slap … in the face.” Skyline Security Management’s 43-year-old CEO wrote on Instagram in June, “Just when you are about to experience blessing and fulfillment in life, something comes along that threatens to bring you down.”

Dove will ‘likely’ have to wear a helmet for a year after the procedure, Teddi told her Instagram followers last week.

She and the Colombian-born also share daughter Slate, 7, and son Cruz, 5, and Arroyave is the father of daughter Isabella from a previous relationship. The couple, who married in 2011, welcomed Dove in February.

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