Tampa can see the coldest day since last January

A cold front moving in late Friday will have our highs only reaching the upper 70s, making it possibly one of our coolest days since January. (Spectrum Bay News 9)

TAMPA, Fla. – Time to think about those sweaters! Tampa may have one of the coolest days since last winter!

If you’ve watched us on Spectrum Bay News 9, you’ve heard our meteorologist say “cold front” and “cool down” within the seven day range.

So how cold are we? Enough to get many of you into a holiday mood and maybe convince some of you to play that Mariah Carey song “All I Want For Christmas” a little earlier.

The United States is in a very cold pattern. Shots of Canadian air of Arctic origin invade the northern United States, leading to winter weather in several states. Much of the Central and Eastern United States has been below average, except in Florida, where temperatures are far above.

In October, Tampa had an average temperature of 81.2 degrees, almost 5 degrees above average. Since early November, Tampa has averaged nearly 5.4 degrees above normal. All this is about to change in the coming week.

There is plenty of cold air around, but it hasn’t come that far south yet. Much of that reason is due to the high pressure blocking the fronts to survive the journey to our city. The pattern for the next week suggests that all this will change.

A strong high dives south of Canada with plenty of cold air. This wave of cold air will threaten a large frost in parts of the deep south. Widespread frost and freezing are possible in states such as Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. In some communities, temperatures can even drop to the upper 20s of northern Alabama and the Tennessee Valley.

None of that is coming our way, but the point is that there is a lot of cold air around. The first cold front is pushing south of Tampa at the end of Friday and that will drop our temperatures in the higher 70’s for highlights for this weekend. It means we will be comfortable – not too hot and not too cold.

The pattern on a large scale remains the same until next week, where the east will be cold. A series of cold fronts will be diving south in Florida next week. Evidence suggests that Tampa is likely to experience the coldest day since January.

Our expectation for mid-next week suggests that high temperatures in Tampa will be close to 70 degrees. If this were to verify, it would be Tampa’s coldest high temperature since January 31, when Tampa reached just 66 degrees. The next day, February 1, the altitude was 71 degrees, which was also the coldest day of the month.

Now we can make the switch from Pumpkin Iced Coffee to Peppermint Mocha as the ‘cooler’ weather approaches us.