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Taiwanese grandparents become Instagram sensations that model abandoned clothes

A few Taiwanese grandparents have become an unlikely Instagram sensation after they started modeling clothes left in their laundromat.

su Sho-er, 84, and her husband Chang Wan-ji, 83, have been running laundry facilities in Taiwan’s Houli District for 70 years.

After their grandson, Reef Chang, noticed that some clothes remained, he decided to set up an Instagram account, using his grandparents as a model.

He said he originally intended to reduce his grandparents’ boredom rather than make them famous.

Mr. Chang told the PA news agency: “I wanted to let everyone know to remember to pick up their clothes or help them find a new owner.

Moreover, a grandparent’s life is very boring. I couldn’t see that they were in a daze every day. ‘

He said his grandparents agreed to set up the account “but thought no one would like it.”

Because WantowowAsYoung soon went viral and they now have over 388,000 followers from all over the world.

They model left-over clothing, including a Scottish skirt, purple raincoat and matching beige suits.

Mr. Chang said, “Their favorite is when they have clothes that match their own old clothes, their eyes seem to glow, it’s like they’ve returned to the same year.

“They feel they have done something good because it tells the elderly not to limit themselves.”

The couple donated some clothing to charities, but still have hundreds of items left.