Taiwan holds LGBT pride parade despite corona virus

Taiwan holds LGBT pride parade despite corona virus

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – The Taiwanese capital held its annual LGBT pride parade on Sunday, making it one of the few places in the world to continue such an event in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Taipei parade has drawn tens of thousands of people in the past, but the number of participants on Sunday has been reduced by both virus problems and heavy rain. Taiwan’s Central News Agency said more than 1,000 were present.

Those who did participate said it was evidence of both Taiwan’s ability to control the pandemic and its commitment to rights for people of all sexual orientations.

Taiwan is the only place in Asia where same-sex marriage is legal, and the liberal political system has long promoted human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.

American student Loren Couse, 28, said Taipei’s ability to hold the parade was “really impressive.”

“I think Taiwan has done a really good job so far and I’m proud to live here not only because it’s so open to people like me, the gay community, but also because I think it’s such an example for the world and how to deal with the pandemic so far, “said Couse.

New York was one of the cities that had to cancel its gay parade parade this year to comply with social distance measures. Taiwan has largely lifted such restrictions after quarantines and case detection have contributed to a dramatic reduction in coronavirus infections. In total, with 23.7 million people, the island has confirmed 447 cases, including seven deaths.

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