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Symmetric 10 Gbps: Digi overtakes other internet operators with the fastest fiber optic in Spain

The operator Digi today introduced the service of fastest fiber optic in Spain, with up to 10 Gbps symmetrical speed. Digi thus becomes the first operator to reach this speed, thus ahead of other operators such as Movistar and Orange who plan to make the leap in 2022.

This new fiber optic speed is possible thanks to the XGS-PON (Passive Optical Network) architecture. A new standard capable of coexisting with the current one but for which we will need a compatible ONT.

10 symmetrical Gbps for 30 euros

Digi 10 Gbps Datos
Digi 10 Gbps Datos

Whether leveraging Ethernet or the WiFi 6 capabilities that allow up to these theoretical 10 gbps, Digi promises that with this speed the browsing and gaming experience goes to another level, with a 1 millisecond latency, four times less than what they offer today.

Needing new hardware to take full advantage of this new speed capabilities, Digi explains that technicians will help set up the device and be available for advice. Yes OK in practice this speed will hardly be reached, either due to cable limitations, network cards or other equipment.

Digi Router
Digi Router

The PRO-Digi rate with 10 Gbps will initially be available at certain areas of the Community of Madrid. Customers who have coverage will be able to contract the new rate from this week for a cost of 30 euros per month.

According to the operator, the objective is to extend this service to the rest of the areas of Spain, predictably coinciding with the expansion of this technology by the rest of the operators.

Countries such as the United Kingdom, Estonia, Italy or Denmark have also begun to deploy these services based on XGS-PON technology that allows increasing speed.

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