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Steph Curry drops 37 as Warriors sneak past Kings to get closer to securing a tournament play-in seat

Earlier this month, the Golden State Warrriors were four games under .500 and threatened to miss the playoffs for the second season in a row. Now, after their 117-113 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Sunday night, they are 31-30 and tied for ninth in the Western Conference. They certainly didn’t have an easy time with the pesky kings in this one, and were left with most of the game.

Buddy Hield and Tyrese Haliburton were cooking, the Warriors turned it around 16 times and Steph Curry didn’t make a shot in the fourth quarter. But they found a way to win a good one, something they’ve struggled with from time to time this season; in this game they were 6-9 in games decided with five points or less. And while Curry struggled in the fourth quarter – notably, he threw a pass straight to Hield in the closing seconds that should have given the Kings a wide open lay-up to take the lead, but Hield diced the ball out of bounds – put down he put on a show earlier in the evening to keep the Warriors in play. He finished with 37 points, seven rebounds and four assists to hit 30 plus points for the 12th time in 13 games this month. As usual, he hit some really ridiculous 3-pointers.

On one possession early in the first quarter, he dribbled the ball into his foot’s shot clock late, ran into the backcourt to retrieve the ball, then stepped back from 30-something feet behind his back and caught the whole net .

As if that wasn’t enough, he performed a perfect two-for-one late in the half, rolling the ball to the center half, picking it up, taking a dribble and raining into a deep three.