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Starlink to come out of beta next month: satellite internet about to become a reality

In this last year the service of internet satelital Starlink it has spread throughout the world. With dozens of satellites launched each month, SpaceX has managed to offer increasing coverage, also reaching Spain for example. Now the service has matured enough to be a full service and leave its beta status. This will occur on next october.

At least that’s what Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, has promised. According has indicated on Twitter, next month the service will leave the testing phase. For this to happen, Starlink must promise complete, constant and high-speed coverage for all users in the countries where the service operates. Something that has not always happened during these months since the opening of the beta. No wonder the service hasn’t had enough satellites deployed and has still been configuring and testing connections.

Months ago SpaceX already estimated that it would have global coverage by September. That meant have about 1,800 satellites in orbit that offered constant connection and around the world. The October date indicated by Elon Musk matches previous estimates in this way.

Starlink been in beta for over a year. The first details came to light in the summer of 2020. Then more and more information arrived, including official details with the beta in Spain.


Rates are the big unknown

It is the most important question to ask yourself before the arrival of Starlink. While we have already seen how it works, what the antennas are like and what speeds it promises, it is not yet clear what its final price will be. Currently the antennas are sold for beta service at 499 euros plus 60 euros for shipping costs. The monthly price of the service is another 99 euros per month. However, these are prices in beta, so it is expected that it will be more when it arrives officially. Elon Musk in fact already warned that they are currently losing money with antennas at 500 euros.


The price is considerably higher than the rates of traditional operators, where even the router is installed for free. However, it must also be taken into account that it is a satellite Internet and available anywhere in the world. What’s more, with speeds often higher than a fiber optic operator.

What is Starlink, how does it work and how much does it cost?

In any case, SpaceX is not going to focus with Starlink only on traditional customers. They will also offer the service to other companies such as Google or Microsoft. Another terrain they are looking to break into is aviation, offering Wi-Fi to airlines.

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