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Speaking with Esteban Maroto, a true classic of comics and fantasy illustration (Laberinto de Papel 2×07)

Rarely do you have the opportunity to start a conversation with a classic with all the letters of our comic. But we have achieved it: the latest installment of ‘Paper Labyrinth’, the fantastic literature podcast that we do in Engadget in collaboration with the Minotauro publishing house, is dedicated to one of the most exquisite pencils in our comic: Esteban Maroto.

We have seated the master before us, and the truth is that we just have to let him remember his trajectory to transport us to a time in the Spanish comic industry that is completely different from the current one. Maroto has told us about his beginnings in the mythical agency Selecciones Ilustradas by Josep Toutain and his work in the United States in mythical magazines of the Warren publishing house, such as ‘Creepy’ or ‘Vampirella’.

Maroto cultivated fantasy above all in titles such as ‘Dax the warrior’, ‘Dragon Soul’ or ‘Korsar’, although He also flirted with terror in his adaptation of ‘The Myths of Cthulhu’ or in ‘In the Name of the Devil’, or in science fiction with the ‘Prison Ship’ that Bruce Jones wrote. His was also the iconic design of Red Sonja’s iron bikini, from the universe of Conan the barbarian, and he even collaborated with mainstream publishers such as DC on stories dedicated to Aquaman and other characters.

We talk about all this in this new installment of ‘Paper Labyrinth’, as well as more recent works, such as his reformulation of the classic fairy tales ‘Once Upon a Time’ or from his biography of the historical person who inspired Dracula, ‘Vlad Tepes’. A very special episode that puts us in contact with a true master of illustrated action, eroticism and fantasy.

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