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SpaceX successfully completes the first vacuum start of its gigantic Raptor engine integrated into a spacecraft

SpaceX has shared via social networks how has been the successful test of the empty start of your Raptor engine, which already reached its record in the combustion chamber last year. This will be one of the two engines mounted on the Starship SN20 prototype, the gigantic rocket that intends to travel without a crew.

The test, although it was shared a few hours ago on SpaceX’s Twitter account, was carried out last Monday. Elon Musk’s company has not released more information about the test, although we know that the S20 will have six Raptor engines and that it will be the first SpaceX prototype to attempt an orbital launch.

An important step for the S20 ship

The Starship S20 is the prototype that has been under construction since early 2021. It is SpaceX’s first orbital spacecraft, scheduled for release next year. It will mount six Raptor engines, three of them empty.

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The evolution of the rockets of yesterday and today, in an impressive graph

SpaceX has announced the first ignition of a vacuum motor Raptor integrated into the S20, sharing a video of the course of the test. This was held last Monday, October 18, at its facilities in South Texas. Due to how “silent” the test was, it is suggested that it could have been a pre-combustion test, it proves that it will follow the full launch in less than a year, if everything runs its course.

The SpaceX Starship S20 (SN20) aims to be the first to reach orbit, launched atop a Super Heavy with 29 engines and without a crew. Already in the month of August we saw the entire Starship system, with the S20 on Booster 4, the rocket that will propel the ship.

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