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SpaceX makes history: it successfully sends the first fully civilian manned mission to orbit

Achieved. SpaceX has launched without any apparent problem Inspiration4 mission to space. It is a particularly special mission as we saw a few days ago, being the first that is composed only of civilians and without any professional astronauts.

Just a few minutes ago, at 8:02 PM EMT from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, The Falcon 9 with the Dragon Crew has taken off. Inside it, a total of four lucky people have traveled into space to stay there for a total of three days. The Dragon Crew will orbit Earth for three days, circling around 50 times before falling back into the atmosphere.

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The SpaceX’s Falcon 9, as usual, has landed back to Earth to be reused in the future. Once the second stage has separated, the Falcon 9 has descended with the objective of landing on SpaceX’s floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, the main engine of the second stage has been fired to continue propelling the Dragon Crew into space.

Minutes after the separation of the first stage, the second stage also separated leaving the Dragon Crew only in space. The Dragon Crew has previously been used to send astronauts to the International Space Station. However, this time it has a special all-glass dome that allows spectacular views of the space. According to SpaceX, it is the largest dome ever mounted on a spacecraft.

A mission different from all the others

During the period that the crew is in orbit carry out a series of scientific experiments and monitoring. The idea is to analyze how the human body behaves in zero gravity. At the same time, the mission is raising money for charities.

The difference of this mission versus Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin space travel? Many. SpaceX has gone “big time”, with a mission of a total of three days in zero gravity and not just a few minutes. Likewise, SpaceX’s Inspiration4 orbits at an altitude of about 575 kilometers, compared to the barely 100 kilometers to which the Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic spacecraft climbed. It is higher even than the orbit of the International Space Station.

SpaceX is about to launch the first private and totally civil mission: this is what is expected of the Inspiration 4 mission

Another interesting aspect is that Netflix is ​​producing a special series related to the Inspiration4 mission. Under the name ‘Countdown’, the series is being broadcast on the platform of streaming. The last of the episodes will air once the crewmen return to Earth, and will feature exclusive scenes from space.

Via | YouTube SpaceX